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The Adventures of Like This Love That in the Wine World

October 21, 2012 Wine , , , , ,

A Purposeful Classification

So you know when you walk into a bottle shop and all the wines are stored in their different categories and classes? They may be stored by the grape (Pinot, Chardonnay, Cabernet etc) or by Geographical Region (Victoria, Barossa Valley, Champagne); but never by the purpose that they serve.

Confused? I’ll explain.

When I buy wine I think about what I might use it for – ‘Saturday afternoon on the front lawn with friends’, ‘BYO Dumpling meal’, ‘Dinner Party’ etc. If I’m stocking the house I might not know exactly which bottles will be used for which purpose, but I’ll have a range to handle every situation. So today I’m going to talk about an extremely important class – Friday Night Pizza Wine (FNPW).

A winning combination

Everybody needs a good range of tasty, but not too expensive, bottles to fill this important slot in the calendar. Been a long week at work, maybe even had a couple of drinks with the work gang but now you just feel like sinking into the couch with some easy takeaway and a tasty glass or two. Being a strong advocate for finishing a week this way I like to think it’s somewhat of a specialty for Like This Love That.

So what makes a good FNPW? Usually (but not exclusively) red, not too heavy, savoury as opposed to overtly fruity, and at a price where  you don’t have to feel guilty; although I can occasionally justify opening something a bit nicer seeing as I’m ‘saving money’ by not going out to the pub. I practiced this during the week just gone, enjoying some home made pita-pizzas with Mrs Like This Love That and a sensational bottle of 2010 Gerard Raphet Bourgogne Rouge, a pinot from the burgundy region of France. It would retail for about $40, but rarely makes it onto the shelves as it’s so rare and popular. A lighter style that focuses on structure rather than weight. It’s a touch herby, a touch vegetative and altogether a lovely match for the food. Burgundy can be a tad confusing at first but something that I love to introduce people to (if you’re interested).

Here are some other great FNPWs that I stock and recommend:

2006 Fighting Gully Road Cab/Merlot ($25) – I usually find Cabernet a bit heavy for FNPW but this beautifully balanced wine from Beechworth is a real stomper. The age of the wine helps the flavours head in a bordeaux direction, with some dark spices and graphite on the nose before a silky dark-fruited palate.

2010 Monteabellon ‘Avaniel’ Tempranillo ($20) – A cracking unoaked Tempranillo from Spain with some liquorice flavors and healthy acid – making it a great match for fatty, doughy deliciousness

2010 3 Monkeys Gippsland Pinot ($17) – A nice simple pinot, made by Mornington Peninsula superstar winemaker Sandro Mosele. Only made in years when a great wine can be delivered at a nice price this has some nice florals, sweet fruit and a sprinkling of light spice.

Importantly, a good FNPW works well any night of the week!

Happy Drinking, Pete