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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Lists, Lists, Lists

Ugh. After a successful Buck’s day for my good mate Fred yesterday I am now in the un-enviable situation of writing this post with an elephant-killing hangover. A great headspace from which to be writing about alcohol… My kingdom for … Continue reading

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Head of the Class

So much of this whole blog thing came about not from wine, but from music…! For several years I’ve written gig and festival reviews and shared them around email with a bunch of mates (and their mates, etc etc). After … Continue reading

November 18, 2012 Music , , ,

A Week in the West

Followers of @LTLTwine on Twitter and Instagram have probably picked up that I’ve been out of Melbourne for the last week. The venue for this week of relaxation has been the totally awesome town of Port Fairy in Western Victoria, … Continue reading

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The Grape That Tops the Nation

Yes Yes Yes, I love puns. Unashamedly. And seeing that I’m late with this post and writing on the Melbourne Cup tuesday I thought it a suitable title for this week’s edition. So is there actually some substance behind the … Continue reading

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