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January 4, 2013 Music , , , ,

Teeing Off

Every January I go to see a slew of gigs coming off the back of all the touring festivals, and every January I tell myself that I should scale it back! I just seem to accumulate these shows until all of a sudden I’m seeing one or two gigs a week on top of my existing social commitments and it continues until I’m chewed up and spat out after Golden Plains in March, forced into hibernation for a couple of months. So what better reason to start a series documenting the chaos?!

The first in the series – Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs (TEED) at the Corner Hotel, 29th Dec 2012

I really enjoyed the TEED record in 2012. It’s full of forward thinking, London Bass-influenced tunes that have succussfully kept my interest for most of the year – something that dance records often fail to do. Furthermore, I’ve heard Orlando (the man himself) do a number of great DJ mixes where he plays everything but his own tunes in the name of creating something great for people to dance to. I arrived at the Corner early to see ‘City Calm Down’, who put on a sensational opening performance. Their sound is kind of new wave meets cut/copy meets foals meets (lost) valentinos and it works, really well. They have a good stage presence and sound, and will only get better. Keep your eye on these ones, they may be on to much bigger and brighter things soon.

It was clear even during City Calm Down that the crowd were rabidly excited for TEED. A lot of excited youth were moving around, dancing between sets and generally pushing hard to get to the front. A few punters had party faces on, especially the guy I saw drinking from the taps in the toilet…! ewww.

Excited Punters...

Excited Punters…

Coming on stage wearing a sparkly dinosaur costume (with the head over the back like a hoodie), TEED launched straight into ‘Panpipes’ and the crowd surged. As the first notes of ‘Trouble’ dropped, massive cheers went up and the temperature rose markedly. Vocals were hard to hear until about half way through this song, not that it mattered as there was a huge amount of jumping and singing along. The punters were so excited it took a fair effort to stay in position, and I wasn’t even that close to the front. Over time I moved forward until I was pretty close, and only then realised how much comfort was being provided by the air conditioning unit that I was previously standing under. It was cooking. Excitement and sweat were flowing as the crowd surged, danced and jumped. About half way through he said something like ‘Sorry, I haven’t really been on form yet, I’ll try to pick it up?!’ and then played the beautiful ‘Garden’. which sent the place into meltdown. Getting harder and harder throughout the set, including the epic ‘American Dream part II’, I eventually succumbed to the heat and moved to the back of the room for the last couple of songs. I’ve never seen the Corner jump so much as when ‘Household Goods’ dropped, it was like a moshpit right back to the mixing desk.

Hot, Sweaty, Insane.

Next up – SBTRKT at Billboard on the 2nd of Jan. Catch you then!