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November 17, 2014 Wine , , , ,

The Moomba Mouton

Wine: It’s a ‘time and place’ kind of thing.

I often get asked ‘What’s your favourite type(s) of wine’ and it’s a question that I can’t really answer; as my favourite wine is often determined by the time and place – how so?

On my recent return flight from a family holiday to Bali (with a bit of surfing thrown in for good measure….) we’d had a bit of a rough start to the flight; with Baby LTLT (usually a good flyer) deciding that not only did he not want to sleep but also wanted to scream at everyone in the plane. Thankfully this was relatively short lived and he soon crashed out, and soon thereafter I enjoyed my 150mL plane-issue Sauv Blanc like it was the finest white wine on earth! There was nothing more perfect for that time and place; and as I sipped away in my heavenly place of relief and relaxation I thought of how this was a perfect example of the Moomba Mouton…

Let’s break this down: Moomba is a small town in the South Australian gas fields somewhere near the QLD border, ‘Mouton’ refers to Mouton Rothschild, one of the famed first growths of Boredaux and a wine that won’t leave you much change from $1000 if you had the means and inclination to buy a bottle. At face value, there’s not much that they have in common… Or do they???

The origin of the term ‘Moomba Mouton’ comes from a wine-loving friend of LTLT who works fly-in-fly-out in said gas fields, and at the end of a long shift enjoys a glass of the pedestrian Cab/Merlot blend they serve in the camp ‘like I’m drinking a glass of Mouton Rothschild’. Whilst I can’t quite relate to a long day in the gas fields, I’m sure we can all relate to those moments when it doesn’t matter what’s in the glass; it’s exactly what we need at that exact moment.

Whilst it would be improper to describe any of my wines as ‘pedestrian’, here are a couple of exceptional sub $20 numbers that could well be your Moomba Mouton – whether you’ve had a long day out in the gas fields or not!

Could this be your Moomba Mouton?

Could this be your Moomba Mouton?

2012 Rocky Gully Shiraz ($16.5) – Long term LTLT customers have seen a bit of this wine; it’s been a staple of the portfolio for a while and once the bottle is open it’s easy to see why. It’s amazingly rich for the price, shows incredible balance to the berry and spice palate, and has a great silky texture to boot.

2011 Ventisquero Reserva Carmenere ($18) – South America produce a huge number of great value wines and this is a great example of the native Chilean grape ‘Carmenere’ (which was long thought to be Merlot. With its plummy fruit and distinctive graphite streak through the mid palate you could be forgive for thinking that this wine came from a lot closer to the real Mouton than it actually does…

2012 Hoddles Creek Sauv Blanc ($18.5) – Yep, a Sauv. Not a common wine to be featured in the pages of LTBT nor among LTLT customers, many of them are just a bit….brash…for my tastes. But if I’m going to highlight one I might as well feature a great one from the great folks at Hoddles Creek. This sauv has a great amount of focus and drive – being all about texture rather than in-your-face fruit and grass. Chill it right down and crack it with some fish and chips on a park bench in the sun and you’ll likely have yourself a real Moomba Mouton moment – no other wine will make more sense at that time.

Until next time,

Happy Drinking!