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The Adventures of Like This Love That in the Wine World

June 27, 2012


Like This Blog That is the outpost for wine musings by Peter Leckie, me.

Here’s a photo:

A common pest, found in many vineyards worldwide

As a project manager by day and wine merchant by night (check out my business Like This Love That), I spend a great deal of time immersed in the wine industry as both a purchaser, seller and consumer. Like This Blog That is a place for me to relate some of the enjoyable, weird, and wonderful things I come across in my travels (with the odd music review thrown in for self indulgence!).

Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy living the stories…



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  1. Bryan Burrell says...

    Hi Peter
    Paul Whittenbury, Tom’s father, sent me the link to your site.
    i enjoyed the truffle aricle and as you can see we are big in truffles. We supply Madame Truffle so keep up that contact as they are wonderful retailers, however in the European season you might like to contact me as we carry Blacks and Whites then.
    Re truffle oils, as you so rightly pointed out, they are absolute rubbish. See:
    Best wishes

    • Pete says...

      Hi Bryan,
      Glad you enjoyed the blog and thanks for the information – Paul also mentioned to me that you were into truffles. Very happy to see the range of products you deal in on your website!

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