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X Marks the Spot – Golden Plains 2016

This song is called ‘The Beginning of the Twist’: DANCE, bitch. And with those fateful words, screamed out just ahead of fits of riotous laughter, we hit the point of the weekend where you’re so deep in the unique Meredith … Continue reading

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24 Meredith

One year on from this. So many questions: would I again forget to go to bed on Friday? How many Summer ales is too many? Who’s spot is the best spot? (spoiler alert: it’s ours, not Burkey’s no matter what … Continue reading

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Are you being served?

Howdy all! It’s a big blog this time – a manifesto of sorts. Earlier in the year I applied for a ‘wine fellowship’ called Working With Wine. It’s open to wine professionals and consists of a few exams, a couple of … Continue reading

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The Moomba Mouton

Wine: It’s a ‘time and place’ kind of thing. I often get asked ‘What’s your favourite type(s) of wine’ and it’s a question that I can’t really answer; as my favourite wine is often determined by the time and place – how … Continue reading

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Nebbiolo – the mysterious and temperamental grape from NW italy – is on the rise at the moment; with an increasing number of people discovering the traditional styles from the piedmont region and an ever increasing number of Australian winemakers … Continue reading

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All About Acid

If the title of this blog has you dreaming of a Hunter S Thomson-influenced report on a lysergic-enhanced wine tasting, then I’m sorry to disappoint; no ‘suffer-for-my-art’ gonzo this week, as entertaining as that may sound (wait for the Meredith … Continue reading

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Life begins at thirty-something

Aaaaaaaaand, we’re back! It’s been a busy couple of months at chateau LTLT so I took a little while off the writing to do things like… parenting of a newborn…. y’know, that kind of stuff. But I’ve been missing my … Continue reading

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Pourin’ and Storin’

G’day! Hope you’re all doing well. I’m writing this in the middle of a good food/good wine/chocolate binge over the Easter weekend so all is definitely good in chateau LTLT. This week I’m going to focus on a couple of … Continue reading

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An Ode to the Little Guy

Hey there, To those who know me personally, you may think that this blog is about the newly minted Baby LTLT (who is doing great, thanks for asking); but it’s not. Today we’re having a look at one of my (and … Continue reading

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The Golden Tornado – Guest Post

Well hello there! I’ve had a few quiet weeks on the blog while I’ve been reinvigorating the LTLT portfolio for the change in season. I’ve got some absolutely cracking wines at the moment at all price levels and it’s damn … Continue reading

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